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  • Jason stepped out from under the tree and followed her at a distance.
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    Maria Yu – Software Engineering

    Payday Loans

    April 20, 2009

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  • He turned his attention to the cabinets when he didn t see anything he felt like cooking from the refrigerator. It was his excuse to cover the real reason he remained where he was.
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    The last one being that comment Ben and Zack made about how you said that if it weren t for Jacob Hackman, I wouldn t be successful because I have no talent.
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  • Software Products

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    Custom software products I have developed and managed (please click links to see samples):

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      She screeched at him in a voice that could shatter crystal, This can t be possible, I didn t expect for this to happen!
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    • She rounded the corner at nearly a running pace and plowed headlong and heedlessly into Edmond Cheadle.
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    • Write Strategy Tool
      for optical disc drives
    • Data Streaming, Processing and Archival Tool for high-speed Trace Capture Board
    • Device drivers
    • RF, Serial, USB data logging Applications
    • Wireless, Pocket PC, Bluetooth data logging Applications
    • Secure Hardware Key and Business Layer API Solutions
    • Secure Hash Algorithm and User Management Database System
    • Real-Time Railroad Network Simulator
    • October 4, 1899 Megan held five-month-old Paul in her arms. I guess Elizabeth will be showing up without a date again.
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    • The child hiccupped at this and Charlotte stared, mesmerized to watch him draw the first, whooping breath of life into his tiny lungs. Fred looked back and forth at the two then his eyes settled on Tanya.
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    • He had been stirring for about an hour and she now believed Lucas that he would be okay. I think sensible colors like browns, dark greens and dark blues are more practical, Esther said.
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    • Turbomachinery Design and Optimization System
    • Telecommunication Network Management System
    • ERP, Business Planning Control System
    • Client/Server and Web Applications

    Development Tools I have used in the projects:

    C#, .Net, C++, C, VB, Java, XML, Perl, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, DOM, XSD,
    MFC, STL, Win32 API, Visual Studio 2008, Windows Forms, Windows Mobile, Bluetooth DLL,
    Matlab, Keil uVision IDE, Cypress EZ-USB, SETM, ActiveSync,
    MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle, ObjectStore, ActiveReport, Crystal Reports,
    OpenGL, DirectX, CORBA, Orbix, OrbixWeb, EJB, J2EE, Swing,
    SolidWorks, ANSYS, COSMOS, ABAQUS, Engineous iSight,
    ASP, IIS, CGI, ClearCase, PVCS, SourceSafe, Subversion (SVN),
    UML, Visio, Erwin, Borland Caliber, Tiger Pro,

    My process for Software Life Cycle Development:

    • Requirements analysis – Business, User, and Functional Requirements
    • Specification – Prototyping, Use Cases, Data & System Models, Project Plans
    • Architecture – software and hardware systems, firmware and other software products
    • Design, implementation and testing – Reviews, Feedback, delivery, Unit testing, Change management, Documentation
    • Deployment and maintenance – Integration, Releases, Training and Support, Fixes, Enhancements

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  • He will dance the Tyburn jig, and he will not be alone, he purred. Charlotte came to a halt lying facedown, breathless and stunned, her mouth filled with dirt and grit.
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  • Charlotte's fist paused, and she held it cocked, glaring at the highwayman.
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    Her eyes refocused on him, clear desperation mixed with lust in their depths, begging for him to take her beyond the limit. I am up on your roof, you bloody bastard, trying to level out your half-rotted rafters and lay in some new peg tiles, called a voice from somewhere outside and above them.
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    My approach for Software Life Cycle Development:

    • A good project/product plan – The product is only as good as the plan for the product
    • Customer satisfaction by rapid, continuous delivery of useful and good working software
    • Working software is delivered frequently (weeks rather than months)
    • Working software is the principal measure of progress
    • Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design
    • Don’t just fix the mistakes – fix whatever permitted the mistake in the first place
    • Simplicity and efficiency

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